List of the Best Trap Drum VSTs Plugin in the Box Options

Over the last decade, few musical forms have been as important to the development of pop as trap music. A distinctive style of hip hop drawing from the history of the genre, trap is primarily defined by its approach to complex and forceful drum patterns. The distinctive hi-hat “rushes” of this musical form are particularly famous.

To understand the basics of trap drumming, it’s important to realize the pride of place that the Roland TR-808 drum machine has in the history of hip hop. The 808’s massive sub bass sounds, punchy snares and claps, and crisp hi-hats have set it apart as a musical instrument for the last four decades. For all intents and purposes, trap music is rooted in the use of the 808. The genre is simply inseparable from the use of the 808.

Of course, purchasing a vintage TR-808 can set you back thousands and thousands of dollars. Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to do in-depth research on the very best digital recreations of this important drum machine. After all, if you’re a trap producer, you need a great 808 emulation. There are simply no two ways about it. So let’s get started!

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