Best Sounding Theremins VST Plugin

The theremin is one of the most unique musical instruments ever created. This electronic instrument produces sound without physical contact by the musician. The result is a haunting tone that can add originality to your musical recordings.

To add a theremin to your projects you will need to find the best theremin VST plugins. This can be a difficult task due to the uniqueness of the instrument. There aren’t very many VST plugin developers that are familiar with the theremin.

We have complied a list of the best free and paid VST theremin plugins. These are plugins we have found while searching for tools to complete our own projects. Each of the plugins on this list accurately reproduces the sound of the theremin. The best theremin VST plugins will also give you the control that is necessary to create the theremin tone.

You don’t have to settle for boring in your recording projects. Liven things up with a theremin.

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