Best Technos VST Plugin Review: Every Musician Should Have

If you make electronic dance music on your computer, you’re more than likely trying to find some of the best virtual instruments for techno. Thankfully, most virtual instruments work in the same way as the best hardware synths ever made, and the lovely truth is that the best techno VST plugins are underrated inside of EDM production.

Producing an EDM classic use to require the same expensive style that Jimi Hendrix used while he created his timeless music. Thankfully, virtual instruments have changed the game for anyone that wants to create music from home.

Currently, Marshmello has a $55,000 helmet, but deadmau5 knows that a kid can produce a dance hit on a laptop with a couple of sounds.

The truth is that most rising EDM producers have a smaller budget, and they don’t have the same beautiful hardware that most established EDM artists love using. Thankfully, virtual instruments cost a fraction of the price, and they still create heart-pumping music that fans love.

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