Best of TB 303 VSTs Plugin Review

We have gathered the best TB 3030 VST plugins for you to choose from. In the history of dance music, the Roland TB-303 has emerged as one of the most classic mono synthesizers of all time. The signature synthesizer of acid house techno, the 303 has been used in recent years by everyone from Daft Punk to Aphex Twin. In techno circles, the 303 is still regarded as the holy grail of synthesizers; originals can fetch truly astronomical prices.

So can contemporary VSTs actually recapture the signature squelching sound of the original 303 synthesizers? Is it possible to recreate the organic analog warmth of a classic 303 line on a computer?

We’ll walk you through all the very best recreations of the 303 currently available in order to show you the VSTs that live up to the hype. Recreating a great 303 line on a DAW is no easy task, but a few companies are able to admirably take you back to the heydays of acid techno. Let’s get started!

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