Best Rhodes VSTs Plugin Review: Every Musician Should Have

The Fender Rhodes piano helped to create the iconic sound of 70s rock. It was one of the first electric pianos that was used in live performances. You can get that classic sound for your own musical recording projects with the best Rhodes VST plugins.

Unlike a regular piano that is amplified with microphones, a Rhodes piano uses a pickup like an electric guitar. The result is that the notes have a different resonance than those of an acoustic piano. This instrument can add presence to your recording projects, but only if you can locate the best free and paid plugins.

That’s where we come in. We’ve assembled a list of the best Rhodes VST plugins for your DAW. These plugins will get you off on the right track and help you duplicate that 70s vibe.

Don’t ruin your mix. Pick a free or paid plugin from our list and shine on.

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