Best of Pultec VSTs Plugin Review

The Pultec EQ is a classic analog effect that many modern record producers want to include on their projects. In the early days of 1960s rock the Pultec EQ was commonly used on studio recordings. It produces an analog EQ effect that is clean and precise.

To get the sound that this vintage EQ can provide you will need the best Pultec EQ VST plugins. There are many options out there, but only a few of these free and paid plugins have managed to accurately model the original Pultec EQ.

We have searched for the best Pultec VST plugins to use on our own musical recordings. Every free and paid plugin that we trust is on this list that we have compiled for you.

There is nothing quite like the analog recordings of the 60s and 70s. The same sound found on these legendary tracks can be yours with the best Pultec VST plugins.

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