Best Plate Reverb VSTs Plugin For 2020

One of the best vintage effects that you can add to your musical recordings is plate reverb. This type of reverb was created by using the natural resonance of steel plates. It can be hard to duplicate this classic reverb effect today. To do it you’ll need the best plate reverb VST plugins for your DAW.

Reverb is what makes your sound fill up a room. Reverb will give your recording depth. The problem with plate reverb VST plugins is that they are almost impossible to find. Very few people use this effect anymore, so few free and paid plugins are developed.

The answer is our list of the best free and paid plate reverb VST plugins. These are quality plugins that will give you that vintage sound you’ve been craving. With vinyl making a big comeback, don’t be surprised to see more musical recordings using plate reverb as an effect.

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