List of the Best Panning VSTs Plugin That You Must Have

Panning is often something that’s taken for granted but is an essential part of your mix. Spreading out your tracks over the stereo field is a great way of ensuring every element of your mix sits in the right space. Panning can also be used creatively, such as automation for mind-bending effects or to increase stereo separation for a chorus.

While modern DAWs offer panning solutions, many plugins out there offer creative options that you wouldn’t find on your standard DAW mixer. Also, having a simple plugin with an easy to use interface and a large GUI is often a much more elegant solution for your workflow.

The trouble is there are so many free and paid panning VST plugins that it can be difficult to know where to start. Instead of trying out dozens of panning plugins just to find the right one and letting the rest take up space in your virtual effect rack, we’ve helped you by narrowing down the list of the best panning VST plugins out there.

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