Best Oscilloscope VSTs Plugin That Every Producer Uses

If you’re a producer interested in raising your production value game to the next level, you definitely will want a great oscilloscope by your side. Used by artists like Deadmau5 to create perfectly balanced mixes and compelling beats, oscilloscopes can take your production skills to a truly professional level. If you’ve ever wanted to create a professional mix that stands up against the competition, you’ll almost certainly need an oscilloscope at some point in your music career.

That all sounds easy enough. But how exactly do you separate the great oscilloscope VSTs from the bad oscilloscope VSTs?

As producers, we’re familiar with the frustrating feeling of purchasing a plugin that doesn’t live up to the hype. That is why we’ve tested out the very best oscilloscope VSTs on the market to help guide you towards a product that works for you and your musical needs. We’ll also have some fun in the bargain!

Let’s get started!

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