Best Orchestral Percussion VSTs Plugin in the Box Options

Whether you’re an aspiring composer or are working on the soundtrack to a compelling film or video game, you’ve probably been in need of a great orchestral percussion plugin at some point in your composition process. These unique applications can provide texture, rhythm, and subtlety to your compositions in important ways.

But finding a VST that captures the dynamic range and feel of actual orchestral percussion instruments can sometimes feel like a tall order. And plenty of VSTs on the market certainly don’t live up to the hype. As producers, we’re familiar with the disappointment of purchasing these kinds of plugins.

Fortunately, we’ve tested out some of the best orchestral percussion VSTs on the market. We’ll introduce you to the best products available for your needs and show you why realistic orchestral sounds are possible on a budget. Along the way we’ll also have some fun. Now let’s see what these sound design companies really have to offer!

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