Best Oberheim VSTs Plugin For 2020

Vintage sounds are making a comeback on musical recordings. You may be thinking of adding some sounds from an Oberheim synthesizer to your current mix. The results can be stellar, but only if you are able to get the best Oberheim VST plugins for your recording software.

The Oberheim was a polyphonic synthesizer that rivaled the Moog for a brief period. This synthesizer had a sound that was unique. Good luck trying to emulate it with your DAW’s collection of synths.

Instead of trying to find free and paid plugins on your own, try out the ones on our list of the best Oberheim VST plugins. Don’t be surprised at the quality of these plugins. We chose them because they are high quality.

Using vintage instruments on your musical recordings is risky. Don’t take a chance with free and paid plugins you can’t trust. Use one from our list instead.

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