Best of Modular VSTs Plugin Review

Many modern music producers may not be familiar with the vintage modular synth. Today it is more common to find synthesizer models bundled with digital audio recording software. To explore the synthesized sounds of the 70s and 80s you are going to need the best modular VST plugins.

The modular synthesizer allows modules to be connected with patch cords. Each module can perform a different function. There are many free and paid plugins available today that will allow you to add a virtual modular synth to your workstation.

To avoid wasting time searching for a quality plugin we have created a list of our preferred choices. This list of the best modular VST plugins passes our test for high quality.

Being able to explore with a modular synth will add color to your audio palette. The best music projects demand access to the best tools. That’s what you will find on this list of the best modular VST plugins.

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