Best Minimoog VSTs Plugin For 2020

The Minimoog was first released in 1970. It would become the first portable synthesizer, and it was produced until the late 1980s. Today there are many record producers who want to capture the Minimoog sound on their musical recordings. This can be done with the best Minimoog VST plugins.

Digital audio workstations have made it possible to get a Minimoog sound with a VST plugin at a fraction of what the vintage synthesizer would cost. There are an abundance of free and paid plugins out there, but which one should you choose?

It’s a fair question, and we have the answer. We have put together a list of the best free and paid VST Minimoog plugins. These tools can add intense flavor to your recording projects.

A home studio can never have enough tools. More tools means more options for you, and more options means you can be more creative with your tracks.

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