List of the Best Metal Bass VSTs Plugin That You Must Have

The bass guitar is a crucial but often-overlooked element of the metal band sound. A great bass sound can make or break the final quality and feel of your recording, so a good metal bass VST plugin is something you simply can’t do without.

The thing about VST is that, with so many plugins out there, it can be both costly and time-consuming to sift through the wide variety of options to find exactly the right one for you.

Thankfully, we’ve done all the legwork for you, and compiled a list of strictly the best in metal bass VST plugins. Any one of these plugins is more than good enough for giving you the low-end thump and rhythmic grind required in any great metal bass sound.

If you simply need a metal bass sound in your next digital audio recording project, the following metal bass VST plugins are for you!

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