Best Sounding Kick Drums VST Plugin Review

A good kick drum can make or break a track. No matter what genre you’re into, the steady thump of the kick usually defines and leads the entire beat. Even when the rest of the instruments go quiet, the kick just keeps thudding along.

From booming lows to knocking highs, kick sounds can hit every part of the frequency spectrum. Variations come from different drum heads, note velocity, and filter effects. A great kick VST will let you customize the sound of your drum to get that muffled thud or crisp slap that you’re looking for.

If you’re tired of using the same 808 kick sample in every one of your tracks, you’ll love this list of kick drum VSTs. We’ve collected both free and paid plugins that cover every type of kick imaginable. Each plugin comes with a unique set of samples and plenty of audio effects to tweak and perfect your sound.

Most successful home recording projects begin with a strong foundation. That cornerstone is a strong kick drum. When you can’t play or record live drums, you’ll need access to the best kick drum VST plugins.

That’s where you’ll find that things get difficult. There are too many plugins out there that can only produce a canned, tinny sound. When you use the wrong VST plugin with your DAW, your recording will sound great.

Relax. We’ve got you covered with our list of the best free and paid VST kick drum plugins.

Our team spends hours searching for the best plugins. We narrow down our list to quality selections, saving you time and money. Any of the kick drum VST plugins we suggest are going to result in a deep, resonant vibe. That’s just the groove you need to stand out from the masses.

Don’t risk your entire project on a bad plugin. Stick with our choices.

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