Best Juno 60 VSTs Plugin Every Producer Needs

Without question, the Roland Juno-60 is one of the most unique synthesizers to ever hit the music market. First introduced in the early 1980s, this trusty analog synth has been featured on tracks by artists ranging from The Petshop Boys to Madonna to INXS. The Juno-60 defined Enya’s distinctive new age sound; it was also the primary synthesizer used by The Eurythmics on their biggest hit songs.

If you’re a pop music fanatic or an up-and-coming producer, you’ll definitely need a good recreation of a Juno-60 in your musical toolbox as you build your sound. But how well can a digital recreation of the Juno-60 actually replicate the original synthesizer?

As producers, we’ve experienced the frustration inherent to purchasing a plugin that doesn’t live up to the sound of the original instrument. We’ve set ourselves the task of finding the very best Juno-60 emulators currently on the market so that you can find the sound that is right for you. Let’s get started!

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