Best Juno 106 VSTs Plugin in the Box Options

From the work of George Michael to the music of Vangelis, the Roland Juno-106 is one of the most famous and distinctive polyphonic analog synthesizers ever used in popular music.

If you’re trying to recreate the shimmering sounds of 1980s pop glory or simply want your tracks to have a great retro synth-pop vibe, you simply have to have a good emulation of the 106 on hand. The 106’s versatile sound can really make your tracks stand out from the crowd.

But finding the right VST to recreate the sound of the 106 isn’t always easy. We know from experience!

As producers, we realize that not every plugin will accurately recreate the sound that you’re looking for in a vintage instrument. That’s why we’ve experimented with the very best VSTs to introduce you to the best plugins currently available on the market.

If you’re after the golden age of 106-driven pop sound, we’ve got you covered. So let’s get started!

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