List of the Best House Piano VSTs Plugin Every Producer Needs

With highly syncopated and polyrhythmic playing styles, house producers of the early 1990s revolutionized the way in which the piano was used in dance music.

Pioneered by musicians like Derrick May, the house piano style soon entered the mainstream; by the mid-1990s, it was difficult to turn on MTV without hearing some variation of the “house” piano style.

Primarily centered around the clear FM tones of the Korg M1 synthesizer, the house piano style of playing is still one of the most distinctive approaches to dance music that an electronic music producer can use in 2020. If you’re producing dance music, you’ll definitely want to have a house piano VST at the ready.

Fortunately, we’ve waded through a sea of house piano VSTs to find quality plugins that really raise the bar on electronic music production. If you’re going to throw a bit of 90s house music your audience’s way in the new year, you’ll definitely need to check out these plugins!

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