Best Hip Hop Bass VSTs Plugin in the World Right Now

To achieve a truly powerful hip hop sound, it is absolutely essential to focus on the low end of a mix. More than just an instrumental aspect of a song, a great bass sound can give your track new life and new energy.

Indeed, one of the most central aspects of hip hop production lies in the use of sub bass. By focusing on the use of extremely low frequencies, hip hop producers have been able to create massive sounding tracks for generations.

Primarily, the use of sub bass in hip hop originated with the use of the Roland TR-808 drum machine in 1980s electronic music production. Since the 1980s, the 808’s massive sub bass sounds have been used by everyone from NWA to Outkast to Drake.

Nowadays, however, you don’t have to own an original TR-808 to capture that classic hip hop bass sound. We’ll walk you through the merits of the best hip hop VSTs on the current market to help you give your tracks a serious edge in 2021. Let’s get started!

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