Best of Granular VSTs Plugin Review

Granular synthesis is one of the rarer techniques that is used in music production today. It involves breaking down audio samples into very small segments. This allows the music producer to manipulate all the smaller segments or grains. The best granular VST plugins will give you the freedom to accomplish granular synthesis with your recording software.

Who doesn’t want that kind of flexibility? Imagine all of the unique tracks and individual tones that you could create with free and paid plugins for granular synthesis. The problem that you will encounter is finding those plugins. The rareness of the technique means that few choices are available.

A more accurate statement would be that there are few choices that offer superior quality. We have found the best granular VST plugins for home music recording. Our list of the best free and paid plugins eliminates all the inferior products you might encounter in your own search.

Start expanding your creative horizons with the best granular VST plugins.

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