Review of The Best Granular Synth VSTs Plugin

A granular synth VST is something every modern electronic music producer should have in their arsenal. Thankfully, these days there are plenty of choices out there. Whether you’re interested in abstract sound design or you’re just looking for something to help your latest track stand out, there are many free and paid plugins out there worth checking out.

Granular synth VSTs are a mystery to many people. No two of them are the same either, which can lead to confusion among those who have never worked with them. Granular synthesis involves breaking a sample into tiny portions called “grains.” The sound isn’t played back like a typical sampler and instead can be manipulated in many ways, depending on the plugin you’re using. This can be used to achieve many sounds ranging from extended drones to wild and unpredictable musical textures.

There are many different types of granular synth VSTs out there. Some are sampler players while others are geared toward playing chords with your keyboard. Here are a few free and paid plugins to start your journey into the world of granular synthesis.

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