Review of The Best Fuzz VSTs Plugin

Is classic 70s rock your thing? That style of music is making a comeback today. If you are laying down some tracks for an old school 70s sound, you better bring the fuzz. This classic style of distortion is present on just about every record that was made in the 70s.

The best fuzz VST plugins are hard to find. The problem with any sort of distortion effect is that it gets too muddy when the quality is poor. You need the fuzz but you still need enough clarity to hear the melody. Most free and paid plugins fail.

We’ve put together a list of the best free and paid VST fuzz plugins. This is a collection of plugins that you need to add to your tool kit.

Producing your own music is a creative effort of the heart and soul. Don’t go wrong by choosing a poor fuzz VST plugin.

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