List of The Best Sounding Fm Synth VSTs Plugin

Whatever type of music you produce, a quality FM synth is something you need for your digital arsenal. While clearly any electronic musician will benefit from having the palette of sounds that an FM synth offers, it can also be just the thing to use for a solo in a rock song as well.

Made famous by Yamaha’s DX7 in 1983, FM synths offer a clear and unmistakably digital tone that stands apart from their warmer analog counterparts. While many synthesists used the new operator-based method to mimick organic instruments with more percussive tones (pianos and kalimbas, for example), FM synthesis can also be used to create wild and new sounds and textures.

Many long time synth lovers can find creating FM sounds from scratch a bit daunting. However, most synths come with plenty of presets to get you started, and some interfaces lend themselves more towards experimentation than others.

Whether you’re looking for emulations of classic machines or new and exciting creations, the list of FM synths out there continues to grow. To help you find the best free and paid plugins, we’ve compiled a list to help you get started:

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