Best Sounding Exciters VST Plugin

If you are looking for that one effect that can deliver what your music mix is missing, an exciter could be the answer. Most people would put an exciter in the category of distortion effects, but the truth is that this effect has a lot of sound enhancement properties. It’s a little like an EQ on steroids.

Getting the exciter effect on your recording is as easy as finding the best exciter VST plugins, right? Not really. It can be impossible to sort through all of the free and paid plugins that you will find online. What you need is a reference that will guide you to the tools you need.

Say hello to our little friend, the exciter VST. This is a list of free and paid exciter plugins that can make your mix soar. All the work has been done for you. You can trust any of the plugins we have recommended to provide you with the best results.

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