Best Drum Machine VSTs Plugin in the Box Options

No matter what genre of music you produce, percussion is always going to be the heart and soul of what you do. However, you still have to make sure the drum machine plugin you choose to use sounds like a drum kit, not a bunch of trash can lids you found outside. Nothing is worse than coming up with a gnarly breakdown rhythm, and then later on realizing that your snare sounds like the same snare your six-year old uses on their toy keyboard. Fisher Price isn’t really known for great beats.

So, to save you the pain from doing hours of research, we’ve compiled a list of the best free and paid drum machine plug-ins for you to use at home.

They all have the potential play an excellent addition to your arsenal of drum kit sounds, to service all of your snare-based needs. If you want a spicy samba beat that could rival the likes of Santana, we’ve got it. If you want to throw on your sun glasses and make a remix of the fill from that Phil Collins song everyone knows, you’ve got it. Or, if you want to be the pioneer of a new genre of street performer rap and actually want to use trash can lids to add a colorful touch, we’ve probably got that too. Have a look for yourself.

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