Best Sounding Distortions VST Plugin Review

You’ve been working on that awesome track and laying down some nice guitar riffs, but something is missing. You need a little distortion so you decide to look for a distortion VST plugin.

Uh oh. You just hit a roadblock. There are just too many free and paid plugins to choose from out there. Which way do you go? Can you find the right one without wasting a lot of time weeding through the distortion VST plugins that won’t work?

We’ve got the answer. We’ve assembled a list of the best free and paid plugins that will give you the punch and crunch your recording project needs.

Check this out. Our list of the best distortion VST plugins represents the plugins that we have used to create our own work. The wrong distortion effect just sounds like a muddy mess. You need clean. You need authentic. You need this list of the best distortion VST plugins.

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