Best Sounding Delay VST Plugin Review

Anyone that makes music recordings will tell you that there are some studio effects that you must have. Delay is one of those effects you cannot do without. Unfortunately, locating the best delay VST plugins can be a challenge.

First of all there are too many free and paid plugins to choose from. Secondly, all delay VST plugins are not the same. Some won’t give you that warmth and presence that a real studio delay effect can provide. Trust us. Using a poor delay VST plugin is worse than not using one at all.

Thankfully, you’ve got our resource. We’ve put together a list of the best delay VST plugins. You’ll also note that we have included both free and paid plugins on our list because we know every project has a budget.

Your recording project will explode with flavor and texture when you use one of the delay VST plugins that we recommend.

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