Best of Deesser VSTs Plugin Review

If you have recorded vocals before you know that sibilance can be a problem. Some consonant syllables like S can come across as harsh. A de-esser is the tool that you need to remove sibilance from the vocal tracks on your music recordings. You have to add the best de-esser VST plugins to your digital recording software.

There are many free and paid de-esser plugins on the market. Less than half of those are capable of producing quality results. Wouldn’t it save time if you had a way to separate the poor plugins from the best ones?

Well, you do. We have compiled a list of the best free and paid de-esser VST plugins. The plugins on our list can be integrated with every major DAW. They will give you the functionality that you need to produce professional-sounding vocal tracks.

Don’t take risks with the quality of your music. Only use the best VST plugins.

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