Best Clavinet VSTs Plugin That Every Producer Uses

Whether you’re looking to replicate the sterling 1970s sheen of tracks by Stevie Wonder or Billy Preston or simply want to add instrumental crispness to your latest EDM track, you’ve probably considered adding a clavinet to your musical and production inventory.

Nowadays, a variety of VST companies claim to have replicated the sound this stunningly beautiful instrument. But which plugins will actually give you that classic clavinet sound?

Fortunately, we’ve tested out the best clavinet VSTs on the market. We’ll show you which plugins go the distance and which plugins don’t live up to the hype. Hopefully, we’ll also have fun while we explore these compelling programs.

If you’re looking for a clavinet sound that makes your tracks truly sparkle, look no further. As producers, we know what it’s like to seek out the best sounds available on a limited budget. We’ll help you achieve a sound that is right for you that fits your resources. So let’s get started!

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