Best Chord Generator VSTs Plugin Every Producer Needs

Chord Generator VST plugins are essential for musicians looking for creative ways to explore electronic music production. Finding VST plugins, however, can be difficult. There are many plugins to choose from. Some plugins are paid, while others are free to use. Whether you are looking for a classic grand piano sound or want groovy experimental keys, VSTs have endless possibilities for a musician in the modern age looking to bring technology into production.

We have created a list for the best VST plug-ins for piano so you can deliver high quality and engaging music:

1. Spectrasonics Keyscape: large range of sounds, you can combine instruments
2. Piano One: free and versatile VST plugin sampled from a live piano, a great starter
3. Spitfire Audio – Soft Piano: Beautifully sampled VST with diverse selection of sounds
4. Native Instruments The Giant: one of the most recommended VST plugins for piano
5. Synthogy Ivory II Grand Pianos: notorious VST known for its realism

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