Best Sounding Cheap Pianos VST Plugin Review

The piano is an essential instrument for nearly every genre of modern music. From a few haunting chords to a magical melody, most songs just need that traditional piano sound.

Unfortunately, pianos are much harder to record than other instruments. The sound is too big, and the harmonics love to bounce around the room. Pianos sound great for live performances, but they can be a nightmare in the studio.

And that’s assuming that you know how to play the piano – a skill that many modern musicians simply don’t have.

Luckily, you don’t need a real instrument or training to add gorgeous piano sounds to your music. Instead, you can add a cheap piano VST to your DAW and get all the same sounds with way less effort.

We’ve collected the best cheap piano VSTs on the market. Choose from a variety of digital and recorded sounds, all designed to fit perfectly in your next amazing mix. Your listeners will have no idea that you used a virtual instrument.

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