Best Amp VSTs Plugin That Sound Great!

Your projects need amplifier simulation on a few tracks, but the wide selection of amp VST plugins leaves you puzzled. I relate. The same thing happened to me. I found the selection overwhelming. Still, I got through it and found the best amp VST plugin for my tastes.

Now, I want to save time for fellow creators like you, so you can get back to creating. My friends and I have put together a list of the best amp VSTs, and it includes free and paid plugins.

These days, it’s not really about which plugins are good and which are not. We’ve only put stellar amp VSTs on our list, so you only need to determine which is good for you.

As I learned, the answer might be more than one. You might like one amp VST’s sounds on some tracks while choosing a different one for other tracks.

Whatever you decide, we’re sure our list will benefit you.

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