List of the Best Amp Sim VSTs Plugin in the World Right Now

When working with digital audio, it can be hard to get an authentic guitar amp sound through a VST plugin. As the electric guitar is the centerpiece of so much music, the amp sound you use is absolutely crucial to the final sound of your recording.

With such a wide variety of VST plugins out there, trying to pick just one can be overwhelming.

We’ve recognized your concerns and done something about it to make your life easier. Assembled below is a list of some of the best VST amp sim plugins that we’ve managed to find. Some cost money, but some are absolutely free! Whether you need sparkling cleans or searing high-gain tones, we’re sure that any one of the plugins we’ve found for you will do the trick.

If you’re serious about having a great guitar sound, you will need a good amp sim. Thankfully, we found several.

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