Best 80s Synths VST Plugin Review: Every Musician Should Have

There is one instrument that defined 80s music more than others. The 80s was the decade of the synthesizer. Your music recording projects with an 80s vibe need the best 80s synth VST plugin.

You can get that electronic sound from a virtual instrument, but there can be roadblocks to your progress. One of these is finding free and paid plugins for the 80s synth. There are too many of them to choose from, and most are a disappointment.

What you need is a list of the best 80s synth plugins like the one we have assembled. On this list you will find authentic-sounding virtual synths that you can plug right into your DAW.

We’re talking synths will all the bells and whistles. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a real synth until you have tried one of the free and paid plugins on this list. Your musical project deserves the best.

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