Best 8 Bit VSTs Plugin That Sound Great!

Are you seeking eight-bit sound for your unique compositions? You may be unsure which 8 bit VST plugin you want to use. Which one offers the right feeling that takes you back in time to when eight bits provided cutting-edge audio tech?

Do you want a free plugin, or do you wish to pay for one? If those sound like questions you have asked yourself, we are happy to help with our exhaustive list of the best eight-bit VST plugins. On our list, you will find free and paid plugins, so you can spend time comparing features instead of looking for additional options.

As you consider your needs, think about the user experience you receive from one plugin compared to another. Weigh the sounds you hear, too.

If your digital audio workstation has the capacity, you might want to add multiple eight-bit VST plugins to expand your sound spectrum, too.


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